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Who Are We?

An Entirely Different Kind Of Company

Global Wellness And Health Group is in the education business of helping consumers understand the benefits to health and wellness by focusing on better and safer day to day options. Education includes understanding how a toxic environment affects health and how popular retail products actually contribute to the poor health experienced by so many today. 

Certified Holistic Nutritionists know how the body has a remarkable ability to heal itself with natural foods and products. Learning how to shop for day to day consumables with the whole body in mind provides insight for what to look for in the growing trend of eco-friendly home-cleaning products, natural food products, supplements, bath and body care, essential oils, cosmetics, products for weight loss, heart, brain, bone and joint health, and more.

Study after study highlights how even simple changes to safer alternatives have overwhelming positive health benefits, which in turn have the financial benefits of staying healthy.

In an effort to make ends meet, more and more people are turning to shopping portals like Amazon, Rakuten, TopCashback, SwagBucks and BeFrugal, where members receive discounts or cash back perks for shopping at their portal of hundreds, or even thousands, of online stores like Walmart, Home Depot, BestBuy, Target, Macy's, Expedia, Priceline, etc.,  While these portals can offer financial savings, we educate the health benefits of what to shop for. 

Consumers want value, consumers want convenience, consumers want better health, and consumers want higher quality. Once educated on how to achieve those health and wellness goals, they SHOP, SAVE and EARN along with like-minded people to form a growing movement of savvy shoppers.


Are YOU interested in benefitting from THE BETTER WAY of shopping?

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Who Are We?
Why Care?

Health Knowledge Matters

Consider the following...

Happy Family Portrait
Safer Households

Home fragrances, environmentally safer for your household, dish & laundry cleaners. All products are NOT created equal.

Spa Essentials
Essential Oils

Uncompromising quality, tested and documented purity, and unmistakable aromatic excellence.

Know where to shop and where not to shop!

Personal Trainer
Nutrition and Weight Loss

Cut through the fluff of science and media. Know how to choose the best vitamins, weight loss & sports nutrition. 

Bath Brush and Soap
Beauty, Body & Bath

Clinically-proven, innovative anti-aging skin care, safe cosmetics, salon-quality hair care, natural dental & hygiene products.

Daily dose of vitamins
Medicine Cabinet

Clinically-proven skin lotion therapy. Economical first-aid, sun care, acne treatment, pain & heartburn relief, cold & sinus, immune system boosters.

Varieties of Grain
Special Dietary Needs

Find products specially formulated with no soy, no artificial, no gluten, sweeteners, non-GMO and kosher. Know ingredients that are delicious & healthy!



“I shop as I always did, except I now know what are better and safer products. People can't afford NOT to shop this way.”

Work From HOme

Can YOU help US help OTHERS?

Unique Work From Home Position

An Entirely Different Kind Of Company

We offer a unique "Work From Home Business Model"

We are looking for LEADERS who are not easily discouraged by those who do not see the benefits of health and wellness. The position requires discipline and endurance. If you have what it takes and  are willing to follow a proven training program, an income opportunity awaits you.

In a competitive marketplace, manufacturers are willing to pay very well for less costly advertising options. Being a Health and Wellness Educator includes teaching about how to shop for day to day needs that are better, safer, and economical. Everyone has to eat, drink, bathe, clean the house, do laundry, etc., etc. Simple recommendations on how to shop, where to shop, and what to shop for, generates an income for you. Everybody wins.

Candidates must adhere to set standards and procedures, and be willing to work a minimum of 5 Hours per week.

Required Skills

  • Ability to work well with the public

  • Self motivated and outgoing

  • Adhere to company policies

  • Demonstrate excellent verbal and written skills

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Excellent time management skills

  • Computer, internet and telephone skills

Job Description

  • Teach the health benefits of selective shopping 

  • Regular communication with shoppers

  • Monthly follow up to ensure satisfaction

  • Promote company through positive communication

Compensation (all applicable)

  • Checks issued monthly

  • Commission bonuses

  • Performance bonuses

  • Comprehensive training included

Apparently, there are a number of very similarly named companies to ours causing confusion for those doing research about us. Please note that we are NOT affiliated with, Global Wellness and Wealth Group, Global Health and Wellness Group, Global Wellness Group, or Global Wealth and Wellness Group, most of which are Multi-Level Marketing businesses.

We, Global Wellness and Health Group, are NOT a Multi-Level Marketing business, nor are we affiliated with any. There is also NO mandatory investment of any kind required to work with us.

If you have any questions, or would like to become an integral part of the health and wellness movement and possibly work with Global Wellness and Health Group, please complete the Contact Form below


Your Future Starts Here

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800 - 485 - 7913

85 Curlew Drive, North York, ON, M3A2P8

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